Home Insurance: An Introduction

Home insurance is also known as homeowner's insurance, hazard insurance or property insurance that covers private homes. Home insurance can be building insurance that only covers the outside of the buildings or contents insurance which will cover the contents of the house against theft or other damage from fire, vandalism, lightning, storms, explosions, etc. There are some things that are usually excluded and you have to get a special insurance policy to cover them. These include, "acts of God", floods, earthquakes, and war (meaning nuclear explosion). You can combine both these for coverage of the outside and the contents also. Home insurance also includes comprehensive personal liability coverage that protects you, the homeowner, from lawsuits in case someone gets hurt on or off of your property.

The purpose of homeowner's insurance is to help you as the homeowner to replace your home if it has been destroyed or damaged and to replace the belongings that have been damaged, destroyed or stolen. Or provide park models homes as temporary stay.

The next step in determining which home insurance you need is called risk analysis for Contents Insurance. Risk analysis is determined by the risk factors that are in certain areas of the country. If snow, earthquakes, tornado damages, etc. are a risk factor then this puts you in a different category to figure your homeowner's insurance cost. This is where the special insurance policies come into play.

Make sure you get all the details and facts from Landlord Insurance about the policy that you feel is right for you because in the aftermath of a fire or flood you may realize there were many gaps in your policy. Be very careful in choosing your policy so you can have the best protection and be taken care of in case of a disaster.